The Mystery of God is finished

The mystery has been finished by Gods Science, and His way has been made straight... Revelation 10:7 and Isaiah 40:3-4...

Thursday, April 12, 2012

THE end of sickness and aging and death is at HAND, REVELATION 21:4!

Here Rodney Berry speaks of the funds needed for Research! Go to the Link below too Donate to the end of sickness and death by way of science! ... Respect

  The Lord's smallest servant r.p.berry / Elijah paul Moses Speaks on the end of aging and death now coming through God's Word Creation called Science! And he gathers men and Wo-men for the now inheritance of the Laboratory called Earth!  Examine the entire Video and leave your comment or contact information for the waking and gathering which has Begun!  Respect to all of God's/Adam's seed who now are on the threshold of their Epic Destiny!


  1. I watched the majority of your video and I can see that you are saying God now ends aging and death! Can you give greater evidence of this? If so I would like to see this! Again Praise God

  2. I watched the video and understand alot of what you said only I would like more evidence of this you say, you have a good thought but is it of God?

  3. Thank you for commenting here again on the gathering word for our Lord! The sites that you visited at the links are very explanatory, you must read all pages, especially the prophecy and the signs page, where the signs posted is for all to know that I am the truth, and have meat for this now epic season! Read the sites and if you have any questions you can again leave a comment or contact us at and we can send you more evidences which prove our Truth for God! Respect