The Mystery of God is finished

The mystery has been finished by Gods Science, and His way has been made straight... Revelation 10:7 and Isaiah 40:3-4...

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Is God the Creator of Peptides??? Proof below....

 God long ago Developed His peptides, from His matter, bringing forth amino acids for the building of these peptides too the vitamins that fuel these peptides too the proteins and hormones made from these amino acids and peptides, but satan who had seen what He could not understand, God, began entering and being part of Gods matter, and trying desperately too become as GOD, yet there is God, and there is none ELSE  Isaiah 46:9 - I AM God and there is none else, I AM GOD, AND there is none LIKE ME!!!  But satan began realizing that everything "it" entered "it" could tamper with its what???  Genome, its literal phenotype, its design, could be mingled with the design of others, which is what has caused God too say in His Word, there is that of My book of Life, and that which is not of My Book, {{ Revelation 20:15 }}anything satan is in, it becomes part of, if it has been able to do what???  mate into that body, or into that species, it does so first in the spirit realm, of the blood and cells, somatic cells of the body/hosts of Gods creation, then it tries developing a species near the design of God, by "it" having stolen the dna/rna design/plan of that species, then it comes again trying too mate with that species, and then, it has entered the soul of that species, bringing forth evolution, the science of studying Gods enemy and ours, all not of His book of Life!!!


  1. Well if he created the heaven and the earth and Adam surely he is also the creator of proteins and peptides.

  2. Very well stated, and yes He is that which designed our very body and protein that He built us with! Respect