The Mystery of God is finished

The mystery has been finished by Gods Science, and His way has been made straight... Revelation 10:7 and Isaiah 40:3-4...

Thursday, May 15, 2014


The Amazing Professor Aubrey de Grey, a man I like to call a master at Digital Biology {Due to him merging some what, Computer dynamics, and the Powerful Science called Biology/Chemical Biology! The Great Hypothecy of Sir Isaac Newton, is coming too pass, and coming Alive, on this website, and in the midst of the Sens Organization! Too register for this what I feel is an Epic event, do so at the links now given below....



THE END of Ageing is at hand! The time is now that mankind over takes the Pandemic Plague which has taken the Lives of Billions of Life forms, for now millions of years! Only man could take on face too face aging and death, and triumph through the combined Historical and modern data of Man! The World's society of Mankind, has been lead into this Battle by their very Genome cryingout, Victory is Ours.... Respect too all born of Adam/Atom

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Friday, June 22, 2012



   Professor Aubrey De Grey BA. PHD. University of Cambridge speaks below this word of His very correct statement and Research of ending ageing, and while doing so reproving the Bible, and History, and the Adam and Eve Word Research Institute, the Adam and Eve seed Gathering Ministry medical research Institute, as the Institute proves Professor De Grey's research!  Please enjoy the videos given below featuring Aubrey's Amazing Analysis of how aging is caused on the Molecular level of the body, meaning all cells are simultaneously under attack by ageing and sickness!  He Professor De Grey is truly a Prophet, and Priest, and Evangelist for and of the Science of God's Word!  After His video is commentary from the Adam and Eve Word Research Institute, Please comment on any truths you find in His Word and Research, and if you believe you have a suggestion or method of ending aging through his great work, leave an e-mail and comment.....  much Respect to all of Adam and Eve's Seed  .....

{ You can view more Word from Pro. De Grey below this post, and the posted video in one of the many Video Cascades given below deeper into the blog.. Thank You }

WORD Researcher R.p.Berry / Elijah paul Moses give's commentary of the Validity of the Work of Aubrey De Grey...

R.p.Berry / Elijah paul Moses
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Saturday, April 21, 2012

Elijah paul Moses calls out to those who are missing their DESTINY!!

R.p.Berry / Elijah paul Moses sounds for the seventh Angel the waking of those who are missing their Great Destiny!  Many men and women who have died recently and in the past had no need for doing so, we now have the filth called aging and death isolated and researched to the extreme that causes all sickness and all unnatural acts of mankind, and all forms of premature death and aging!  So listen and leave your comment, and understand what he cries out to you for!  He is sent by the Lord for your gathering for your Mighty Epic day of Destiny, John 13:20!...... Respect to all of God's seed/Adam's seed..... It has Begun  and and  AND HERE is the Link for Donating to the Adam and Eve Word Research Institute, which now Assists Science in the preparation of the end of Ageing and Sorrow REVELATION 21:4  THE END OF AGEING AND SORROW REVELATION 21:4

Thursday, April 12, 2012

THE end of sickness and aging and death is at HAND, REVELATION 21:4!

Here Rodney Berry speaks of the funds needed for Research! Go to the Link below too Donate to the end of sickness and death by way of science! ... Respect

  The Lord's smallest servant r.p.berry / Elijah paul Moses Speaks on the end of aging and death now coming through God's Word Creation called Science! And he gathers men and Wo-men for the now inheritance of the Laboratory called Earth!  Examine the entire Video and leave your comment or contact information for the waking and gathering which has Begun!  Respect to all of God's/Adam's seed who now are on the threshold of their Epic Destiny!

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Is God the Creator of Peptides??? Proof below....

 God long ago Developed His peptides, from His matter, bringing forth amino acids for the building of these peptides too the vitamins that fuel these peptides too the proteins and hormones made from these amino acids and peptides, but satan who had seen what He could not understand, God, began entering and being part of Gods matter, and trying desperately too become as GOD, yet there is God, and there is none ELSE  Isaiah 46:9 - I AM God and there is none else, I AM GOD, AND there is none LIKE ME!!!  But satan began realizing that everything "it" entered "it" could tamper with its what???  Genome, its literal phenotype, its design, could be mingled with the design of others, which is what has caused God too say in His Word, there is that of My book of Life, and that which is not of My Book, {{ Revelation 20:15 }}anything satan is in, it becomes part of, if it has been able to do what???  mate into that body, or into that species, it does so first in the spirit realm, of the blood and cells, somatic cells of the body/hosts of Gods creation, then it tries developing a species near the design of God, by "it" having stolen the dna/rna design/plan of that species, then it comes again trying too mate with that species, and then, it has entered the soul of that species, bringing forth evolution, the science of studying Gods enemy and ours, all not of His book of Life!!!

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Why was Adam brought too Earth???

Why would our Creator, our Father who art in Heaven bring and develop a body for Adam from the dust of the ground, and declare unto him,  name all you see???  The Earth in all meaning of the statement is a laboratory, an incubator, an examination booth, an out post for God!!!  Adam His seed, the very seed and soul of God, is the beginning of God Himself upon earth, as stated in the third chapter of Genesis!!!  When God spoke unto Adam it was as though He God was speaking unto Himself, saying take dominion with My Word, research all you see, saith the Lord!!!  Can you add too this Word of God, by giving proofs of His Gods mystery now being finished Rev:10:7???  If so please comment and prepare for the signs which are listed on the Adam and Eve seed gathering ministry website at on the prophecy and the signs page are the listed signs of this gathering days awaking...the signs listed therein have been posted there for now over 2 years, and are signs such as the Japan earthquake, and the Suns Flares/disturbances of record proportions, the biblical floods across America and earth...and many more which have come and are coming...posted there for your viewing and our has begun....